DaVinci Resolve 17.3 更新了什麼?

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 17.3

Apple Silicon Performance

• 2-3x performance improvements for image processing on Apple Silicon.


• Improved thru-latency and adjustable processing/input buffers.

• Improved export clips dialog with naming, metadata and format control.

• Edit selections in the timeline can now be nudged.

• In-Out ranges can be cleared and navigated to in the timeline.

• Timeline clips can be selected from the Fairlight edit index.

• Improved context-based defaults when adding new audio tracks.

• Improved Fairlight timeline ruler resolution.

• Gain curves show tooltip values when selected.

• Changing clip gain under an edit selection now adds bounded keyframes.

• Timeline clip names and gain curves can now be hidden.

• New timeline scroll options during playback – fixed, page and none.

• Buses can be reordered by dragging in the track index.

• Bus delay compensation can now be bypassed in the track index.

• Multiple selected tracks can now be deleted from context menu.

• New audio I/O preference options with support for separate I/O selections.

• Support for a wider range of Windows native audio devices.

• Support for multichannel I/O on Windows using Steinberg ASIO.

• Native Linux audio recording support using ALSA inputs.

• Improved mixdown support for LRC, 5.0 and 7.0 track formats.

• Improved edit, nudge and fade behavior for linked clips.

• Modify track and mixer parameters on all or selected tracks with modifiers.

• Pan, EQ and dynamics control dialogs accessible from Fairlight consoles.


• User configurable default grid size for Color Warper.

• User configurable default zone preset for HDR color controls.

• Active playheads can be switched by clicking on the split screen viewer.

• New anamorphic aperture controls for Resolve FX Aperture Diffraction.

• New shapes and finer mosaic control for Resolve FX Mosaic Blur.

• New rotation controls for Resolve FX Keyer garbage mattes.

• New sat and gamma controls and faster performance for Resolve FX Glow.


• List views in the media pool can be sorted from column selection.

• New badge to easily identify still clips on the timeline.

• Improved sync bin to ignore still images placed on top in the timeline.


• Edits from subclips can now be match-framed to original media.

• Shape and iris transitions can be rotated from the inspector.

• Play around selection now works with transition selections.

• Newly added subtitles retain playhead position to allow text preview.

• Compound clip instances in the timeline can be renamed.

• Fusion compositions can be renamed from the inspector panel.

• Options to name and use full clip extents when creating a subclip.

• Timelines and clips in smart bins can be duplicated from context menu.

• Improved context menus with quick actions for tabbed timelines.

• Timeline viewer overlays are now retained during playback.

• Media pool marker lists can be expanded using cursor keys.

• New badge to easily identify still clips on the timeline.

• Improved offset tooltips and thumbnails for mouse drags in the timeline.


• DRFX bundles can be double-clicked to install on Windows and Linux.

• Support for viewing node type by holding Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-E.

Codecs & Deliver

• Support for audio encoding in the encoder plugin SDK.

• Optimized H.265 encodes for speed on Apple Silicon systems.

• Hardware accelerated AVC Intra decodes for on Apple Silicon.

• Support for decoding and encoding JPEG-HT .JPH image sequences.

• Support for decoding 12-bit DPX formats.

• Support for decoding AV1 clips on Mac OS and Linux.

• Hardware accelerated AV1 decodes on NVIDIA graphics in Linux.

• Hardware accelerated H.265 10-bit encode on AMD graphics on Windows.

• Hardware accelerated H.264 4:4:4 8-bit encodes in NVIDIA on Windows.

• Improved H.264 and H.265 decode performance in Windows Intel systems.

• Support for decoding MKV clips with VP9 video codecs.

• Support for DFXP sidecar export options for DCP renders.

• Improved decode performance for MKV clips with AAC and AC3 audio.

• Support for encoding ISDCF compliant audio channels for DCP packages.

• Support for embedding MPEG2 bitstream captions in XDCAM clips.


• Improved startup speeds for disk databases with many projects.

• Support for simplified database creation and connection process.

• AAF imports now support translation of simple nested clips.

• Resolve FX Motion Blur for dedicated motion effects across pages.

• Resolve FX Frame Replace to reuse or blend adjacent frames on artefacts.

• Multiple keyboards and speed editors can now be connected and used.

• JKL playback with stop and go to last position now works correctly.

• Timelines can be located in media pool from smart bin context menu.

• Media, inspector and other panels can be scrolled by holding middle click.

• Scripting API support for Gallery, Gallery Album and GalleryStill objects.

• Scripting API support for adding video or audio-only clips to the timeline.

• Addressed PostgreSQL installation issues on some Windows systems.

• General performance and stability improvements.

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