Fusion 9.0.2 版本更新

What’s new in Blackmagic Fusion Studio

Blackmagic Fusion Studio 9.0.2

  • General performance and stability improvements


Some features of Fusion Studio require network access, including network rendering, network licensing, shared bins, and some external scripts. To use these features, the following ports must be opened in your system’s firewall (if any):

  • TCP port 1144
  • UDP port 1144
  • TCP ports 49152-49159
  • UDP ports 49152-49159

Details for 9.0.2

New & Improved

  • 3D: Added an “Optimize for Display” option to the FBX import dialog which, when disabled, prevents Fusion from optimizing the mesh for submission to OpenGL. This causes imported meshes to be stored in a less memory efficient manner (using more GPU memory) and to render slightly slower, but it stops Fusion from splitting some vertices on the mesh during import. Note: This will not stop all vertex splitting as the “Regenerate Tangents” option will also result in vertex splitting. When both options are disabled, a mesh can be imported into Fusion and then exported without the vertex count changing.
  • 3D: Added auto-correlation of 3D scenes across the temporal domain.
  • Tools: The various Custom tools and Expression modifier now support new trigonometry functions that deal with radians rather than degrees: sinr(), cosr(), tanr(), asinr(), acosr(), atanr() and atan2r().
  • Tools: Significantly improved performance of Gaussian Blur when in OpenCL mode.
  • Tools: Improved performance of DeltaKeyer by skipping the Color Curves Table kernel if it’s not going to use it.
  • Tools: Improved performance of ColorCurves, by keeping its OpenCL Program such that it doesn’t have to constantly rebuild it.
  • OpenCL: Common OCL programs are now pooled and re-used, to enhance performance.
  • OpenCL: Implemented pipeline flushing during asynchronous kernel dispatch for enhanced performance.
  • Formats: Updated DNx SDK for improved support and color accuracy.
  • Formats: Added support for 12bit RGB format from AVID DNx SDK.
  • VR: Updated to newer OpenVR SDK (v1.10)
  • Viewer: Added a texture depth option for Material Viewer, enabling materials to be viewed in floating point.
  • Viewer: Changed the fit-to-view (‘F’ key) functionality in 3D views. Previously, fit-to-view only took geometry into account. Now, when no geometry is selected in the 3D view, pressing ‘F’ will now fit all geometry, lights, and cameras in the scene. When geometry is selected, pressing ‘F’ will only fit the selected geometry ignoring any cameras/lights.
  • Scripting: Added an option to script help to only fetch names for those classes with their own member functions, rather than any derived script class.
  • Scripting: Added the capability for UIManager window layout to be explicitly recalculated, and widgets to be added/removed dynamically.
  • Render Node: Now shows various Loader Cache Preferences to more effectively manage per-node caches.

Bugs Fixed

  • Misc: Fixed an issue that could cause dongles to not be correctly recognised on systems with certain USB devices, such as the MacBook Pro with TouchBar.
  • Misc: Fixed an issue on Linux where symbolic links could be undesirably resolved to their target directory when selecting clips in Loader or Saver.
  • 3D: Fixed an issue with the Cook-Torrance Material that caused two sided lighting to work incorrectly in OpenGL views, and in Renderer3D.
  • 3D: Fixed Domain Overscan handling in 3D rendering.
  • 3D: Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect rendering of velocity channels from Renderer3D, and accumulation of animations in FBX Exporter tool, under certain circumstances.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue where UVMap3D’s “lock UV’s on Animated Objects” would sometimes fail due to a mismatch of temporal scene contents.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue that would cause Text3D to always re-render even if no inputs had changed.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue that would cause non-extruded Text3D characters to randomly disappear.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue in Override3D that caused some blend mode options to not be correctly hidden/shown when toggling the “Do Blend Mode” option.
  • Tools: Fixed Saver’s Frame Saved Script edit to have the correct (mono-spaced) font.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue in CopyAux that resulted in incorrect scaling when copying MaterialIDs (or other integer channels) into a float image.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue in Volume Fog were adaptive and dithered sampling were not appropriately applied when in CPU mode.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue with Volume Fog’s noise translation when processing in OpenCL mode.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue that caused the super-sampling level Text+ option to not show on macOS and Linux.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue when loading some legacy garbage-matte controls on keyers.
  • Tools: Fixed a crash that could occur with the ColorCorrector and GamutConvert tools when no OpenCL hardware is available.
  • Tools: Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect DoD bounds processing in HueCurves, which in OpenCL mode.
  • Splines: Fixed an issue that could result in a crash when using ease in/out with open polylines.
  • Flow: Fixed possible crash when shift+removing a tool that has an output connected outside its group.
  • Flow: Fixed an issue with disconnection of tools in some case when shift+removing, if group/macro tools are being removed, or are connected to the removed tools.
  • Flow: Don’t show removed inputs in the popup menu of available inputs when alt+drag connecting one tool to another tool.
  • Viewer: Fixed an issue that could cause long metadata strings to not be shown in the subviewer.  They are now shown in a truncated form if they exceed a certain length, rather than not at all.
  • Viewer: Fixed texture filtering issue for 3D LUTs that caused artefacts and banding at 100% scales, and incorrect values on the edges of non-smooth resized (zoomed in) pixels.
  • Viewer: Fixed an issue with the selection of curves (eg. non-extruded Text3D) in the 3D views.
  • Viewer: Fixed an issue that could cause buffer LUTs to not be correctly applied when reloading a comp.
  • Video IO: Fixed a potential memory leak when monitoring in 10 bit YUV mode.
  • Formats: Improved file I/O buffering in certain situations.  This may enhance several formats, and specifically fixes an issue that could cause a significant slowdown when reading EXR files with large headers (such as substantial amounts of Metadata).
  • Formats: Fixed an issue reading certain packed DPX files, where the row modulo isn’t a multiple of 32 bits.
  • Formats: QuickTime will now use the same compression names and defaults as Fusion 8.x for Uncompressed Formats, for improved compatibility.
  • Formats: Fixed an issue that could occur when applying YUV to RGB conversion from Avid DNx SDK for some 16bit YUV formats.
  • Formats: Fixed an issue when writing audio to video files using fractional frame rates, which would cause the audio to gradually lose sync in the rendered result.
  • Formats: Fix the MXF saver where DNxHR 4444 files with alpha were saved with wrong header information.
  • Formats: Fixed the bit depth of BGRA 8bit in QuickTime saver.
  • Formats: Fixed an issue that could cause certain AVI formats to be written out vertically flipped.
  • Formats: Fixed an issue where MXF files would fail to initialise correctly when loading direct to a viewer.
  • Formats: Fixed incorrect VBR lossless Alpha mode in MXF support.
  • OpenFX: Fixed an incorrect return, and potentially crash, in certain OFX plugins when querying the host window handle.
  • OpenCL: Fixed a crash that could occur attempting to adjust OpenCL Preferences in systems with no OpenCL devices available.
  • Bins: Fixed an issue that prevented dragging tools from the Tools Bins library into the Flow View from working correctly.
  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where improvements to include Modules/ paths when loading an external source or binary module were not working correctly in Fuses.
  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where “scriptlib” files would not be correctly loaded when running a script file, and only present in console scripting.
  • Scripting: Cleaned up some cases of duplicate text when retrieving script class help, and fixed a script class name conflict that could generate incorrect help references.
  • SDK: Fixed some issues with building various SDK sample files.


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