DaVinci Resolve 14.1.1 版本更新

DaVinci Resolve 14.1.1 已發佈。建議所有 DaVinci Resolve 14 和 DaVinci Resolve 14 Studio 用戶盡快更新。

DaVinci Resolve 14.1.1 修復了一個影響 Blackmagic Desktop Video 硬體偵測的問題,修復了將監看格式設為 PsF 時出現的問題,改進了在 MacOS High Sierra 系統上保護鎖的偵測能力。此外,該版本還提高了整體的性能與穩定性。

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 14.1.1

  • Addressed an issue with detecting Blackmagic Desktop Video hardware with older driver versions
  • Addressed an issue when setting monitoring to PsF formats when using Desktop Video drivers newer than v10.9.3
  • Addressed an issue with the detection of license dongles on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar on High Sierra
  • Addressed a crash when changing audio plugins and reloading the project without saving
  • Addressed a crash when opening a project with title presets in the Media Pool
  • Addressed a crash during playback when Enable Video Field Processing was turned on
  • Addressed a crash when connecting to an incompatible database and switching projects
  • Addressed a crash when toggling Show Current Clip With Handles and loading a memory if Live Save was on
  • Addressed a crash when deleting favourite transition presets
  • Addressed a crash when canceling a project save and navigating to another Resolve database
  • Addressed an issue where disabling a compound node would not immediately refresh the viewer
  • Addressed an issue where splitting certain linked audio-video clips would not link the split components correctly
  • Addressed an issue where ResolveFX Face Refinement would stop working when a clip was moved into a compound clip
  • Addressed an issue where video scopes on the Edit page would sometimes show an incorrect display
  • Addressed an issue where quitting Resolve would sometimes cause an incorrect shutdown on Linux
  • Addressed an issue where horizontal scrolling in the timeline comparison dialog would sometimes not work as expected
  • Addressed an issue in Project Server where clicking Enable Sharing may not work on some machines
  • Addressed an issue where switching between large databases would take a long time to respond
  • Addressed an issue where Resolve would show Media Offline frames when using RED Rocket-X to decode certain RED clips
  • Addressed an issue where decoding some RED clips with CUDA in Resolve Color Management would show a black frame
  • Addressed an issue where Resolve would sometimes show the Welcome dialog on successive runs
  • Addressed an issue where copying audio clip keyframes would not apply it properly on the target clip
  • Addressed an issue where rendering to DNxHD 36 would cause a slight shift in the red and blue channels
  • Addressed a potential crash when opening floating Media Pool windows and switching pages
  • Addressed an issue where the 3D qualifier would not be correctly applied for Group Pre-Clip versions
  • Addressed an issue where changing master bus configuration with audio FX present would result in loss of audio output for the bus
  • Addressed an issue where the display of track colors would go out of sync when deleting a track and undoing it
  • Addressed an issue where dragging a clip from the Media Pool to the Fairlight timeline would sometimes show an additional track
  • General performance and stability improvements


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